Chesus & Rodski Get Bigger Than Barry

Those Fidgity Cardiff B'more brothers Chesus & Rodski have now been taken under the wing of the Bigger Than Barry boys and will be heading out to Ibiza with them from March 23rd - 26th alongside Toddla Tand Tomb Crew. They will also be playing alongside the DJ wing of Chrome Kids and the mighty South Rakkas Crew outta Miami on Wednesday 4th March at 10 Feet Tall in Cardiff.

(YSI) Chesus & Rodski - Touch Me 2 (link removed)

(YSI) Chesus & Rodski - Fendi Suit

(YSI)Chesus & Rodski - Still C.H.E. (link removed)

(YSI) Chesus & Rodski - Coca Cola (link removed)

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4 Responses to Chesus & Rodski Get Bigger Than Barry

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