Flying Skulls Ready For Lift Off

Many an old skool Techno producer tried to install a Jazz ethos to the world of computer technology, I’m not convinced any of them truly managed it although I’m sure there are those who would gladly prove me wrong on this. People have found it hard to equate the rigid world of technology with that freestyle spirit, but Flying Skulls certainly help to bridge that gap. For me they might well be the kings of improvisational beat bashing and the two live sets we’ve put up on the blog have been testament to that. It makes sense then that they should release an album of tracks gathered from their live performances. A heavyweight collection of nasty synths, wobbly basslines and crunked out glitchy beats so dirty you'd swear they robbed their MPC players off a crack dealer. J Tonal, Snareface and Jerome Forney are joined by Ribotto and rapperZap Tap , this is Flying Skulls in their element, and whether or not you could class it as strictly a live album, this album is most definitely live. It is also free through the combination of Daly City and 1320 Records so you have no reason not to go grab it right now.

Here's a couple of our choice cuts and a link to the album.

(YSI) Flying Skulls - Skeleton Talk Deconstruxion

(YSI) Flying Skulls feat. Zap Tap and Ribotto- Ill Street Blus

(YSI) Flying Skulls - Xxxmas Morning

(Direct Link) The Flying Skulls - Lift Off (zip)

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One Response to Flying Skulls Ready For Lift Off

Toxik Kargoll said...

before i hard it they sounded too experimental to me to like em but their music is definitely dope. love it.