An-ten-nae Hits Our Radar

Anyone who caught Mary Anne Hobbs' 'West Coast Rocks' programme earlier this week would have heard a killer new remix of the MIA & Rye Rye track 'Tictok'. With 15 years of rockin' the West Coast it was only fair that the man behind the remix was included in the show. An-ten-nae has relatively escaped our radar up until now and f**k knows how cos he produces the kind of stinkin' Bass heavy beats that make you nod your head so hard it gives you concussion. Plus he runs nights such as Get Freaky in San Francisco whose list of guest artists include some of our favourite acts: Mehdi; Jahcoozi, Modeselektor, MRK1;Freq Nasty; and Glitch Mob. Also with his Acid Crunk series (of which #4 has just dropped on Muti Music), he's come up with probably our favourite name to describe the sound so far, infact from now on it is Acid Crunk.

(YSI) An-ten-nae - The Fireman

(YSI) Rush - Tom Sawyer (An-ten-nae Remix)

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One Response to An-ten-nae Hits Our Radar

Anonymous said...

all the links say that they are expired! any help would be nice! im diggin all the tracks