Lobby Music?

Bassfudge Powerscones might well be in the running for EP title of the decade and the name is not all it has going for it either. Don't generally hear much out of Belgium these days but seems a collection of Brussels' most notables have opted to change that by combining forces into one might bass driven force by the name of Herrmutt Lobby. Their EP drops this week on Eat Concrete Records and is a fine collection of pile driving industrial glitch ridden future Hip-hop. Like a music equivalent of Ed 209 from Robocop with a heavy funk injection. Stand out track for us has to be Vampire Remix which features LA rhyme-smith Non Genetic from the group Shadow Huntaz. Feeling the mutated space flora and fauna artwork by Elzo too although I think it might be more suited to a Flying Lotus album.

(YSI) Herrmutt Lobby - Fat Manual (clip)

(YSI) Herrmutt Lobby - Rock The Bell (clip)

(YSI) Herrmutt Lobby - Vampire Remix (clip)

(YSI) Herrmutt Lobby - Play (clip)

(YSI) Herrmutt Lobby - Lessevicesavielsalm (clip)

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