What Blud?

So I see that the wider student fraternity in the UK have finally caught on to Dubstep. Whether this is a good thing or not remains to be seen.

Wednesday night saw the busiest Dubstep only event in Cardiff with a packed Glo bar bouncin' to Monkey & Stagga, Elephant and Slipperz, Magenta and what should have been Rusko, no doubt the main reason so many students had descended on the night when most Dubstep weekly struggle to muster 20 to 30 people. Rusko was ill but N Type put in a killer set as replacement and despite most of the crowds ignorance to who he was, the atmosphere was real good after only a slight booing session at being told Rusko was a no show (all respects to MC Reuben for turning them round as well), and to be honest most of the Dubstep DJs and Producers in the place were happier with the change.

Can't say the same positive things about the crowd in Bristol unfortunately. Was speaking to Superisk who tells me the crowd at Thekla on Friday were pretty usual for the city these days. Didn't even realise it was a Dubstep night til I turned up, had decided to jump off the train early on the way back from London and made my way there to find out that Virus Syndicate and Benga were both playing. All good except for the fact that the boat (yes Thekla's a boat) was rammed full of student wannabe rudeboys with the biggest fronts I've seen at a club. I couldn't believe the amount of times I heard "Yo Blud" at full volume from some middle class kid with his cap sideways, arms up in the air and cheap cocaine up his nose. This coupled with the not so aggresive students who were far too busy stumbling round in K Holes meant space was a major issue and nobody seemed to be sharing their's happily.

We ducked out early after Virus Syndicate, who were decent in an Emcees over Dubstep kinda way, rather than as a performing group, which would have been better to see in my opinion as not enough people have that style locked at the moment. But we ducked out before Benga and headed to a house party where I picked up these videos from an early morning, last ones at the party YouTube swapping session. Thought I'd share them with you lot just incase there were any you'd missed.

First up is this crew of youngstas from Bristol itself.

Dem Grimey Yutez - Anthem

Second up is some of the Life4Land fellas on a bit of a squatters Hip-hop tip with SMB. Only really know Ed Cox out of Life4Land who's their co-founder and accordian player and makes crazy Gypsy Breakcore type stuff. Definitely worth looking into if that seems like you're style.

Life4Land - What You Know About Cribs

Finally, not sure how I missed this one as it's been around since March last year but Dizzee Rascal spits fire in this AOL 16 Bars Session. Can't find it on YouTube as AOL seem to have culled them all but here's a link, definitely worth checking.

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Toxik Kargoll said...

that grimey yutez thang is funny