Smooth Operator

So you've got the object of your desire back to the manor and its blatantly gonna be on. You fix a couple of drinks, dim the lights but then you have a dilemma. What music do you put on? Sorry but gone are the days when you could just press play on the R Kelly cassette and let the wiley crackhead paedophile provide the soundtrack to your bumpin' and grindin', so what's the solution? Well there's no doubting that Hudson Mohawke is one of the slow-glitch kings and he has compiled a fine selection of 80s souls smoochers here in his second Valentines mixtape, however this can only be played in any romantic situations with extreme irony (hence the Gunshots throughout I guess). Just incase you didn't realise that we waited til a couple of days after Valentines to put this up, it's for your own good you realise. Now pass me another glass of Babycham and I'll try to figure out how to keep the strawberries in place with this damned cream running so much.

(SendSpace) Hudson Mohawke - Valentines Slow Jams Chapter 2

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