It's Sheer Bedlam In Cardiff

Bedlam bring another massive line up to Cardiff which includes our very own Monkey & Stagga. It’s rare that promoters are brave enough to put on line ups like this in the city so this night needs to be supported to make sure it continues. These few tunes should give you an idea of who we shall definitely be checking out on the night.

The name kinda says it all with this one, Mad Professor trying to fly the Tardis on Ketamine.

(YSI) Stagga – Time Warp Dub

This one will make you skank so low you might bounce your head off the floor.

(YSI) Stagga – Rockin Down The House Dub

There's something magical and mystical about this one, the subtlest of the Eastern flavours in this selection.

(YSI) Monkey – Sometimes

When Peter Tosh says 'move ya bumbaclart' you don't really have a choice once the beat comes rollin back in.

(YSI) Monkey – Wots A Boombaclart

How convenient to have them both on the same track.

(YSI) The Black Ghosts – Some Way Through This (Plastician & Skream Remix)

High Rankin has managed to breath some new life into this one, kinda like Frankenstein and his monster.

(YSI) Chase & Status – Eastern Jam (High Rankin 100% Unofficial Remix)

A great take on the track with a Brass Band providing the music.

(YSI) Riz MC – Eastern Jam

This was originally supposed to appear on Eastern Drum and Breakz Vol 2 but was just too damn heavy compared to the rest of the album. check out his more laid back Don Leisure alter ego as well.

(YSI) Jamal – Knowledge

Toddla T is definitely the new king of Rudeboy Electro styles. This has got that classic UK Garage feel.

(YSI) Toddla T & Serocee – Manabadman

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9 Responses to It's Sheer Bedlam In Cardiff

Hugo said...

that Monkey-sometimes is dope dope dope

Your a cock said...

Chrome kids...... How f#cking original... You ever hear of Chrome Children, stones throw...... For someone who is supposedly all about music your really showing your skills. DICK......


course we have, two great albums and no doubt influential in our name. piracy's a bitch.

Anonymous said...

brilliant post kaptin, those tracks are fucking ace. and lucky you - some really clever folk leaving comments, ha. would have thought people would have better things to do with their time.. peace,jc.


thanks JC... understand some of these have reached their limit will reupload later. bigUP. Kaptin

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